Belly Blast Results Are In! Winner announced!


I ran my first Belly Blast test group in February of 2013.  We all followed a clean eating plan and drank 1 shakeology shake a day.

Results are in – 5 people lost a total of 39.4 lbs!  And actually out of those five people, three of them lost 10 lbs in 1 month!   

Congrats to Missy for winning this challenge!  A prize will be headed your way!  And congrats to all of my Belly Blast participants!  I am so proud of all of you and had fun checking in everyday.

My March challenge is underway but I’m looking for people to join me in April with an all new challenge!  Email or message me on facebook if you would like more info on how to get involved.  I only coach 10 people a month so sign up today!

Here are some results from my March challenge group and we are only on week 1….

“Been working out, drinking my shakeology.. just have to start taking some logs of food consumption.. measurements done and finally weighed myself!! Good thing is I’m FIVE LBS down from my normal weight!! 😀  is that possible? 5 lbs in just a few days??”

“Shakeology is amazing! I am just finishing my first bag/order of it, and really have nothing bad to say abt it! It tastes like a chocolate milkshake and is by far the healthiest meal of your day, works for me!  I have the chocolate and make mine with skim milk and PB2…delicious! I definitely recommend it”