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Alright….I am going to be honest here…I did not want to post my results from the Brazil Butt Lift.  But I have to be real and be held accountable.  I did this workout for 4 weeks following the original series.  There is now a challenge pack that offers both brazil butt lift programs so I think I will have to eventually upgrade and do the new one too.   I modified the “too big solution” calendar a little bit…I took out the cardio axe because I replaced it with runs and Zumba.  As a dancer and Zumba instructor the cardio axe was too easy for me.

This has not been my favorite workout because I like the more high intensity programs but I did feel it everyday.  I think my boyfriend got sick of me telling him everyday that my “boom boom” was sore from Leondro’s workouts.  I did have to put extra music on in the background to keep me motivated.  I think my favorite DVD from the series was high and tight because I could really feel it working.  I also enjoyed the sculpt DVD because it Leondro goes through each muscle group and gives you good strength training exercises.

So the results are in!  I didn’t see a different on the scale at all.  My arms each went down half an inch but my hips went up half an inch.  I am glad I took the pictures because that is where I can actually see a difference.  My boom boom is definitely shaping up! Make sure that if you do start a new program that you take your before pics and then again every 4 weeks.  My next program is the Insanity Asylum..this was the first one I ever completed and I’m looking forward to getting through it again!  I think I will keep 2 of the Brazil Butt lift workouts in a week to keep it going! Progress not perfection….

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  • Nancerella

    Nice! Not a lot of people have the courage to take pics of their “boom boom” and post them! Keep up the good work, I’m sure you’ll see even more results!

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