Brenda’s Transformation Story

During my high school years I never really paid attention to my weight. I also didn’t like gym class so after I graduated and started college my eating habits got worse and I gained weight without noticing. During my annual physical exam the doctor told me if I didn’t lose weight I was on my way to being a diabetic. That totally scared me as I was only 20 and diabetes does run in my family I decided to join the gym and stopped drinking pop, from then on I went on many yo-yo diets, tried many diet pills I would lose weight and then gain some back until I found Insanity and most importantly a support group who kept me accountable. I quit the gym and since completing programs such as Insanity, Asylum, Ultimate Reset and drinking Shakeology daily I have lost and kept off 20lbs I am now in the best shape of my life and found a new passion that encouraged me to get Insanity Certified and now I’m pursuing my personal training certification. While all this was happening I got engaged and on top of trying to figure out how I was going to start paying off my massive student loans I now had to start saving money monthly to pay for our wedding. I am happy to say that with the income I have made with Beachbody we were able to pay for our wedding and honeymoon (over 15k) in cash and have no debt from it, I’m also happy to say that I have no credit card debt at all the next things to tackle are my student loans and mortgage. Beachbody has changed my life completely and can do the same for you if you just put fear to the side and go for it there is nothing to lose but unwanted weight.brendapicture