Alright…I’ve been wanting to write about this for awhile but didn’t know where to begin…so here goes nothing.   A couple years ago I was working 10 different part time jobs…I was a personal trainer, zumba instructor, and dance teacher and worked at lots of different locations.  I wanted to […]

Is Beachbody Coaching Worth It?

Sorry for the sound effects! I was in Dana Point, California at a leadership retreat for Beachbody and got inspired to share my story.  There are so many companies similar to Beachbody but I wanted you to know why I chose this one.

Why I chose Beachbody

Top 5 tips to help you find your inner motivation I fell in love with fitness at a young age.  In junior high I started doing Denise Austin workout videos to get ready for high school and just because I thought they were fun.  I started dance lessons at age […]

5 tips to help you find your inner motivation