Do you have 10 minutes????

Ok it is now 9 days into January!  Where are you at with your resolutions??  I started doing Combat but then I saw this post today on Facebook…..



It has been my DREAM to be in a workout video since I first started following along to Denise Austin in 7th grade.   So I’m going to press PAUSE on my Combat workouts and PLAY on my 10 minute trainer dvds!  Let me know if you want to join me!! I’m putting together 10 people who have time for 10 minutes so if you’d like to be one of them let me know ASAP by emailing or ordering from my site

There are two options –

1.  Order 10 minute trainer by Saturday 1/12/13

2.  Order a 10 minute trainer challenge pack (workout and shakeology) by Saturday 1/12/13

Either one will work for this but if you want to be all in I’d get the challenge pack.   I can’t wait!!  I look forward to working together to see what we can really accomplish in 10 minutes!  Who’s ready to be in a workout video??