Free Accountability!

Alright friends!  I just wanted to do a quick post about accountability.   I recently started the Insanity Asylum workout program.  This is not an easy one at all.  I did this program when I first started 2 years ago with my friend Pam.  She lives in Cali and I live in IL but everyday we checked in with each other to stay motivated.  This time around I am checking in with my friend Brianna everyday.  Having someone hold you accountable is key!   When I was a full time personal trainer a lot of the people who signed up with me just wanted to have me to hold them accountable so they would get to the gym and then of course get a good workout from me.   I love that as a coach I can still do this for people but for FREE!!   If you are starting a workout program or you need a little extra push this summer please sign up at and click join and then select free membership.  Then I will be assigned as your coach and can help keep you on track!  You can also follow me on Instagram.  That is where Brianna and I do all of our accountability pictures –  Just hashtag #accountability @alisonblaker and I will be able to check in with you.  Let’s keep going strong!  IMG_9972