How to take before and after pictures

I just started up a new challenge group yesterday and realized that a lot of them needed some tips on how to take before pictures.  I found this video that I thought you could benefit from and had to share it!  For me personally my weight on the scale or even my measurements don’t always change a lot.  But when I look at the pictures I start to notice new definition and a change.  I have had some of my challengers who didn’t take before pictures and then lost 8 lbs in a month and really wished they had taken them so just do it!

Here are my tips for taking your before and after pictures

1.  If you can have someone else take them for you do it!  My family thinks I’m crazy because every month I have them take a new picture of me.

2.  Stand up against a blank wall

3.  Make sure that you have good lighting

4.  Take pictures facing forward, right side, back, left side, then make a muscle pose or hands on the hips

5.  Share your pictures with someone you’re close to or post it somewhere for your eyes only.  Not everyone wants to post their pictures on facebook or a blog (I do it because it keeps me accountable….I don’t always like them though)

6.  Wear something you’re comfortable in…you don’t have to wear a bikini or two piece if you don’t want to.  Just try to wear the same thing or something similar in both pictures

7.  Smile!  I’m still mad that I made a really frumpy face in one of my before pictures because now every time I do a comparison to it I have to look at a grouchy girl

8.  If you are using a beachbody workout/supplement make sure you enter your results into create your free account and then click enter the challenge.  Each time you complete a workout you earn a free shirt!

I hope these tips help!! If you need help staying accountable to your workout program/diet don’t be afraid to reach out.  Or if you feel like sharing your before pictures with me I’m here for you!  IMG_8590



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