It’s here…. Vanilla Shakeology! Not just a protein shake…. 1


I’ve been wanting to write a post for a few weeks about how Shakeology is more than a protein drink so I figured it’d be a good time now that our newest flavor is out!

I have been drinking shakeology everyday for a little over 2 years now!   It has helped me reduce cravings, drink more water, clear up my skin, reduce bloat, and increase energy.  Before shakeology I was drinking energy drinks like they were going out of style and I was finding myself eating more fast food that I should have been eating.  I know I’m a fitness professional and knew that it was bad for me but when you have no time to prep it’s easy to live off foods that are convenient.  I also used to eat tons of protein bars which can’t be good for you either.  Shakeology is just such a healthy option and saves me time!  I now try to eat as natural and organic as possible which takes a lot of prepping so it’s nice to be able to have one of my meals already set for the day.

When I first signed up for shakeology I thought was expensive but after hearing the benefits of what it does I knew that I had to budget for it.  When you use shakeology as a complete meal replacement it is actually affordable compared to other fast food options.





So what is in shakeology that makes it different than a regular shake?  Well here is a list of some of the ingredients included in it



How does it measure up to other shakes?


Hopefully you’re starting to see that shakeology is more than just a protein shake! It’s also something worth budgeting! Shakeology has changed how I look at food and honestly makes me crave healthier foods!  Feel free to email me to find out about the shakeology discount program!

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