Keep Calm Holidays Are Coming

It’s that time of year again! The holidays are coming everyone seems to be busy with shopping, baking, planning parties, spending time with family, and who knows what else!

I just wanted to give you a few tips to keep calm this holiday season!

1. Take 5 minutes a day to meditate – I love the stop, breathe and think app for a guided meditation based on my current well-being

2. Write out 10 things that you’re grateful for everyday!  Start a gratitude journal in a notebook or even on your computer so that you can reflect and see what really matters to you!

3. Don’t overbook yourself!  Remember what your priorities are and stick to them!

4. Add Yoga or Piyo into your schedule!  For more info on Piyo click here

5. Don’t beat yourself up if your diet isn’t perfect…just do your best and never go to a party hungry!! And if you’re bringing food take something with you that you know is healthy and that you can eat.

Most importantly just HAVE FUN!! This time comes around once a year so don’t stress…just live it up!!