Low Carb Zucchini Recipe

Ok I finally got a vegetable spiralizer (is that a real word?) and I absolutely love it!!  So far I’ve only experimented with zucchini but it is so easy to use and it’s a fun way to still have “noodles” that are actually HEALTHY!

So here is my super easy recipe – Zucchini with turkey and pasta sauce!

I know it might sound boring to you but for those of you following my journey to my first fitness competition this makes me feel like I’m eating a real meal!

-First spiralize your zucchini

-Then cook your ground turkey

-Put your zucchini in a bowl, top it with 3 oz of ground turkey and a tablespoon of pasta sauce and that’s it!!

If you want to really get fancy with it you can sauté your zucchini noodles for a few minutes with some olive oil and garlic or you could make turkey meatballs… the possibilities are endless haha