Melissa’s 21 Day Fix Results

I am so excited to share these results with you!  Melissa is doing so amazing and I just HAD to feature her!

Here’s a little bit about her story….

“When I was introduced to Beachbody I really needed to make a comeback.

I had fallen out of my regular diet and exercise routine for about a year. And what I was doing at 31 wasn’t working for me at 33. I knew that I needed something that wasn’t only going to change my body, but was going to change my entire life. So I decided to try the 21 Day Fix with Shakeology.

On day 1 of the fix it clicked. I knew this was something big. Something that was going to change the way I looked at food and fitness.

I lost 6 lbs in my first week. Before I couldn’t lose 6 lbs to save my life! I was eating pretty much the same food I was used to eating but i never realized before how off I was on my portions. And like so many people I wasn’t eating enough food throughout the day.

Shakeology has played a huge role in my transformation. Before I was a slave to my sweet tooth. Other protein shakes were not giving me what Shakeology has given me. I can walk by a cupcake now and not even think twice.

At the end of my first 21 days I was down 10lbs, 15 inches, and 4 pant sizes!

After my second round I am now down 18 lbs and feeling amazing!

Beachbody and Shakeology was my “comeback”.

Beachbody has changed my body and my life. Becoming a Beachbody Coach has been an amazing experience! I am currently helping dozens of people find their way to a healthier, happier lifestyle. I am most certainly paying it forward.” -Melissa H