Reflecting on 2015

Top 10 Highlights of 2015
1. I married by best friend on September 19th! The day was absolutely perfect!

2. We traveled to Bora Bora!!! Basically it was like we lived in a post card for almost two weeks

3. I officially earned six figures working from home as a full-time online fitness coach

4. I hosted my first Super Saturday event with Kristia and the Chicago Market Council and had 600 people attend!

5. I donated my car!

6. I strengthened my relationship with God and attended Church regularly and also set aside time to read The Bible

7. I helped hundred of Brides to Be get ready for their big day through my monthly Virtual Bride Bootcamps

8. I finally broke through my weight loss plateau after finding out my food sensitivities and spending lots of time LIFTING WEIGHTS!

9. AJ and I went on an all inclusive trip to Mexico courtesy of Beachbody!!

10. I walked across the stage at Summit in Nashville as a 3 Star Diamond Coach and Success Club 5 All Star Legend! And the even cooler part was watching my coach Stephanie up there!!


Bonus!! I met two of my favorite trainers Karena and Katrina from Tone it Up for the first time! I became a Tone it up girl even before I started coaching!


Looking back on 2015 I can see what an incredible year I was blessed with!!!

If 5 years ago you would have told me my life would look like this I would have been so confused and asked how in the world would this be possible. I used to work 10 part time jobs, and drive from class to class, gym to gym to make ends meet. I am so glad I took a chance on Team Beachbody and more importantly I took a chance on myself. Once you really start working on yourself from the inside out some incredible things can happen!

If you ever want to know more about what I do or need any personal development suggestions please don’t hesitate to reach out!!

An attitude of gratitude changes everything……




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