Should Fitness Professionals Consider Beachbody Coaching?

IMG_0962Alright! This is something that tends to be a touchy subject.  When I was first approached and shown this opportunity I turned it down.  I really thought it was a conflict of interest and didn’t see how I could promote my fitness classes and personal training AND beachbody workouts.  I thought that I was going to lose my one on one clients and students to workout videos.   Little did I know this business would allow me to reach WAY more people!

So after watching another fitness instructor friend post videos and inspirational pictures I asked her what she was doing and I was surprised when she said Beachbody!   After doing tons of research on articles like “is beachbody a scam?” I saw that it wasn’t and decided I’d give it a try for 6 months.  Well it’s been 2 years and next week I will be leaving almost all of my crazy training/teaching jobs to do this full time!   It has been such a fun journey and I know it’s just the beginning.   So if you’re a fitness professional and you’re tired of working split shifts, saturday morning classes, but still really want to help people get in shape email me today! or comment below.  I’d love to help you get your journey started. IMG_8325

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Here is a video that my friend but together and it will go into more detail about why fitness professionals should consider beachbody coaching.