Success Stories

This is why I love my job!  Here are some testimonials from some of my challengers and one of my clients.  Let me know when you’re ready to join in on the fun!

Melissa’s Featured Story with the 21 Day Fix

Sarah’s Featured Story with T25

Brenda’s Featured Story Physical and Financial Transformation

Han’s Featured Story P90X, Insanity, Shakeology

Stephanie’s Featured Story with Shakeology

Sara’s Featured Story with Insanity
“I went to nordstrom’s last night and I decided to try some jeans on. I was kind of dreading it because I am usually disappointed. I grabbed a couple different sizes and I was able to button ALL of them. I was so happy! I went down almost 2 sizes. I couldn’t decide which ones I wanted to buy so I’m waiting until this weekend.” ~Sondra

“This is the most I’ve worked out in a month by far. This challenge has definitely helped motivate me. I’m no longer thinking this is just for Florida, but setting long term goals as well.” ~Amie

“Gosh, I hope I’m losing some weight but I dont mind doing this for another month! Its really helping me with a lifestyle change! Thank you!! :)” ~Cathy (she lost 8 lbs in 30 days)

“I wanted to say ThAnK YoU SO much for these last two months.  Knowing I would be checking in with you each day really helped to keep me motivated. I really enjoy TurboFire and Shakeology has become a part of my diet.  These last few weeks I have had people commenting on my weight loss and it feels great!!! I’m going to keep it up and continue to get into shape and stay healthy! ~Sarah

“Thank you so much. I’m LOVING the shakes by the way” ~Melissa

“Thanks so much for everything, Alison!  You have truly made an enormous difference in my life.  Keep up the awesome, amazing, life-changing work :)” ~Amanda

“Thanks for getting me started on this, I can’t describe how much better I feel each day.”~Tricia

“Just wanted to thank you for what you’ve done for me. You’re definitely a motivator and all I needed was a swift kick in the rear to get me going :-)” ~Cori

“Since starting Shakeology back in August I’ve lost a total of 23 lbs.  and a total of 18.5 inches.  Anyhow I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for all your motivation.” ~Rebecca

“So here are my ending numbers I can’t believe they changed so much 🙂  I feel like I measured wrong or something ha…..” ~Stephanie

“Alison has an uncanny ability to connect with her clients. She listened to what my goals are and designed a training plan focused on my problem areas. She pushes me to do my very best which has helped me to achieve results in a short time. I love the comments I get from people now that tell me I look like I’ve lost weight and I am glowing.   Working out with Alison is fun, educational and inspirational.” -Tracye


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