Summer workouts ideas


As a personal trainer I know that summer is a slow time at the gym because everyone is getting outside and moving.  Just make sure that you are keeping some type of strength training in your exercise regimen this summer.   Here are some workout ideas to keep you toned this summer…

1.  Add toning exercises at the park –

2.  Add sprint drills to your runs – instead of always jogging at a steady pace challenge yourself to sprint for different times.  You can make up your own intervals or check out the Tone it up SHREDmill routine.

3.  Swim laps!  Swimming is easy on the joints and works the whole body

4.  Before you head outdoors do some easy at home toning exercises – squats, lunges, pushups, planks, tricep dips, etc. at least 3 days a week

5.  Try new outdoor activities – have you done stand up paddle boarding?   Kayaking is another great activity that works the core

6.  Go for a hike!  Stop and do some yoga poses to really test your balance!

7.  And of course continue to take fitness classes!  As an instructor we still like to see your smiling faces in the summer. Bring a friend and pick a class that will balance your outdoor workouts!

Don’t forget to always wear sunscreen and stay hydrated!

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