Third Trimester Prenatal Workout Calendar – Final 4 Weeks

Alright…we are coming up to the final 4 weeks of pregnancy for me and Baby T. I’ve noticed this week (at week 35) I’ve been more tired than usual so I have been getting in my workouts still but definitely am ok with skipping a day here or there based on how I’m feeling and my activity level of the day. So I decided I’d make a new calendar for the last 4 weeks. I really wanted to make sure all the workouts are 30 minutes or under and that they are a little less intense (I still follow the modifier on all of them at this point)

Monday’s we’ll continue the active maternity 3rd trimester workout. It’s a perfect pace.

Then Tuesday’s we’ll start doing a little Yoga Booty Ballet…an oldie but goodie and it’s fun to see Autumn when she was pregnant.

Then Wednesdays we’ll do a little Turbo – following the modifier

‘Thursdays will be dance day with some Country Heat, I tried to pick the slower and shorter ones (and just the ones I love)

Now Friday is something totally new. When BOD aired the show the 20s the trainers each had to make up a workout. So there is a Barre 1 workout that looks doable for a pregnant lady so I added it in. I’ll be trying it out tomorrow. You’ll find this one under the 20’s and it’s one of Ericka’s workouts. It’s only 20 minutes long and I’ll probably skip the last 5 minutes when we she has you on your back doing ab and glute work. Then to add a little upper body I found a 12 minute workout with Leondro from Brazil Butt Lift called Maximum Results Upper Cuts.

Saturday is a free day so you can workout or take a walk, walk around the mall if it’s winter, or rest if you need it!

**Remember to always check with your Dr before beginning any exercise program**

I’ve been active my whole pregnancy so what works for me may or may not work for you!

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Stay Healthy and Happy! YOU ARE WORTH IT!